Our Mission and Vision

UAV System-of-Systems Architecture to Bridge the Global-Strike Gap

Our mission is to innovate and design unmanned aerial air vehicles and integrated communications platforms concepts that may have the ability to strengthen Air Force airpower capabilities and communications capabilities for next-generation combat and non-combat roles and missions in all domains, land, sea, air, and space.

Air and Space Superiority

Our family of unmanned system Mother Hen and Chicks scenario also focused on combing the Earth-based family of UAS concept to the Space-based system. Since our Earth-based UAS depends on satellite communications technologies and capabilities. In 2013, we also designed various concepts using small space vehicles to protect large satellites by using necessary structural modifications to Earth-based UAS to accommodate mother and chicks UAS in space.

To achieve this mission concept, we innovated a family of multi-functional UAV platforms and fully interoperable communications platforms that conjunction with all systems; manned-unmanned and space, as well as incorporating all systems into a single integrated architecture; a system-of-systems.

The space vehicles and operational concepts have not been disclosed.

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Space-Based System



Earth-Based System