Our Mission

Close Global-Strike Gap in an Access-Denial Environment

Our mission is to find innovative solutions to advance air power superiority, and information superiority in order to discourage potential adversaries in all domains. Our focus is to design a mechanism and strategy that would enhance Air Force air power capabilities to maintain advance conventional military capabilities that could be used in the event of conflicts.

To achieve these mission objectives we innovated a family of unmanned aerial system, and operation mission concepts that would contribute to enhancing the Air Force air power capabilities, and airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities. These systems included parasite-unmanned aircraft /mothership combination and families of systems platform characteristics that would have the ability to survive and approach access denied areas.

Further, the focus is to design a system that would enable to integrate unmanned, manned, and space systems into a single force structure. These technologies provide the possibility for the Air Force to architect a fleet of unmanned systems closer to the theatre of conflict wherever and whenever necessary.