Manned - Unmanned - Space Integrated System


Mother Hen and Chicks




Our mission is to find effective solutions that would contribute to integrate unmanned systems with manned systems into the combat force structure for operations in the air, sea, ground, space and cyberspace. Particularly focus on innovating a new flatbed unmanned aerial vehicle platform that comprises of a unique recovery of sub systems in midair, including operation concepts that would have the ability to engage in range of mission capabilities in anti-access environments. 

Our mission also focuses on a new and complete system of systems that would integrate with manned and unmanned systems, combined with space and underwater integration capabilities and human systems to work together as a single integrated force structure.

Military Applications:

In addition to military mission capabilities, we also focus on civil applications such as combat wildfires, Arctic access capabilities, and humanitarian support.

This vision of combined use for multiple applications would provide one single system to engage in a wide range of mission accomplishments, which leads to extreme cost savings and a long life of usefulness of the system

Civil Applications: