We are the First to Invent a Flatbed Unmanned Airborne Carrier in the Sky.

In the early stages, the concept mainly focused on civil applications to combat wildfire, Arctic investigations and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) purposes. Later the idea focused on military objectives for future military modernization. In particular, paying close attention to deterrence, related to air power superiority and information superiority that continues to be of high priority for Canada and the U.S. future military readiness.

It is important to recognize that the military deterrence focuses on numerous aspects of threats and challenges, more particularly, in the event of deterrence failure and mass destruction. Such as chemical biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) incidents, cyber attacks, EMP attacks on electrical power grids and telecommunication infrastructure.  It is recognized that such disasters can be catastrophic and would lead to the loss of thousands of lives.

To address this issue, our affiliated company SIGZEEN Integrated Solutions Inc. innovated a unique and exclusive color-coded identification system for first responders, military and Essential service personnel so that they can be identified as "Who's Who" to protect public lives and property. More information visit www.sigzeensolutions.com